Founded in 1977, Itaca was originally the fruition of a cooperation of a group of people interested in the recovery, research and commercialization of the important cultural heritage of folkloristic art and craftsmanship. At that point in time, the significance of the restoration of this cultural asset was obvious and thus motivated, the commercial function was established through the means of an art gallery which exhibited in monographic form products of ancient folkloristic art, the result of intensive searching and meticulous recomposition of existing and inactive handicraft workshops throughout the whole of Spain.

     With time and the natural evolution of its business, Itaca faced up to the irreversible changes of the new City of Barcelona, leading to the introduction of a wide range of quality mementos and souvenirs.

 And now, without forgetting its origins which led to Itaca becoming one of the leading businesses in the country offering traditional quality handicraft products, we now offer a wide range of articles representative of ancient handicraft art from throughout the whole of the Spanish peninsular. Additonally, there is an extensive selection of objects whose design has been inspired by the works of the great architect Antoni Gaudí, serving to memorize the beautiful city of Barcelona and in some cases to constitute a new concept of form and colour in the 21st century. Actually, we are specialized in all kinds of fans differents qualities of wood and handpainted.