Ceramic wall tile with Saint George and the Dragon

Ceramic wall tile with Saint George and the Dragon


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Ceramic wall tile with Saint George and the Dragon

Size: 15 x 15 cm

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The Catalan Lovers Day. Sant Jordi ( Saint George ) is the patron saint of Catalonia , whose festival is celebrated on April 23. This day, as a very traditional custom in Catalonia, all men give a red rose to women as a present , and women give a book to men. So it's popularly known the Day of Sant Jordi as the Catalans Lovers Day. Today the tradition is not so strict,  so it's not necesary to be in love , parents also tend to give a rose to their daughters or mothers are also giving books to their sons. This custom comes from the beautiful legend of Sant Jordi .We explain you this legend bellow,  to understand why this tradition began and what's the meaning of it.

LEGEND: of Sant Jordi. This beautiful legend states that there was a dragon that frightened the small town of Montblanc , located in the south of Catalonia. To avoid his fierce attacks , town people gave him a young maid every day, which was chosen by a popular draw. Until one day, the slaughter weight was placed on the princess, who was given to the beast as a sacrifyce. When she was about to be devoured by the dragon , appeared Sant Jordi , a brave knight who fought and defeated the dragon , stabbing his sword into the beast heart, and rescuing the beautiful princess, who was in love with him. Soon after his death, a red rose grew up from the blood that flowed from the heart of the dragon. This is the origin of this special tradition of giving a red rose to  women.

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